How to do Alternating hook Exercise?

1) You just have to lead with you knuckles
2) Next, just rotate the hips and shoulders now.
3) Now just bend your knees slightly.
4) Next, engage your core constantly.
5) Repeat the procedure now.

The benefit of Alternating hook Exercise

1) This exercise works for your stronger shoulder.
2) You must practice to Punch.
3) You can easily target your Shoulder muscle.

Don't forget to check the exact position in the image

Alternating hook Exercise

Check out the Below Video for the Best Guidance

Make sure your arms are sliding like it's grazing the top or a shelf. You just need to make sure to keep your core engaged and rotate your shoulders to generate the motion for your punches. Make sure to breathe regularly.

Why we do Alternating hook Exercise?

a lot of the times circular weapons are more effective than straight weapons. Just because of the way the body is designed. So when you throw a straight weapon. If you are throwing ga hook so you have to come a little bit closer to the target. Now what we are going to do is throw circular weapons hooks are very effective. Because quite often when you fight somebody whether it's the ring. To practice you have to do is get into your fighting stance. So, feet shoulder-width apart one foot back remember if your right with your right hand you're in orthodox. If you write with your left hand you're in what we call southpaw.

So, Let's assume that we're al orthodox foot stances. So, one for backhands up foot stances so one for backhands upturn to the side, and this is called our ready position. For the hook what you're gonna do is you're going to lift up your elbow and you're gonna create a 90-degree angle between your biceps and your forearm. On the other hand, touch your face at all times. Touching your face is like protecting your face. Next, you have to do is up and com around now.

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