Men’s Dressing 5 Tips:- Most of the boys think that which cloth should I wear that I will look good, they buy expensive clothes. The good looking but only new cloth can not good be looking for you. today I will tell you some tips that you look good.

Follow the tips below to look good

1 Do not wear white socks

2 Fitting

3 Wear mix color

4 Wear different color

5 Wearing lots of accessories is not good

Men drassing

1 Do not wear white socks

Do not wear white socks

Do not wear white socks if you are wearing so wear only sports shoes otherwise wear according to pants or shoe color.

Shoe color is black or brown so you can carry black or brown plane socks .it will be good and You look good and cool.

2 Fitting


Fitting is very important for clothes, if there is no fitting in the clothes, then the clothes do not suit the body and we read them strangely.

Clothes should always be worn by fitting them so that we look good and all people praise us. Do not wear clothes too much by fitting them because our breath starts to bloom, so neither wear the tide nor wear too many loose clothes.

3 Wear Mix Color

Wear mix color

You can wear a two-color combination of cloths for example - you can wear blue or black jeans or white T-Shirt and blue coat  or shirt it will really give you a good look

Do not wear printed designer T-Shirt under the Cort

Take care that whenever you wear two or three-color keep on the tide or one loose like; if you are wearing a shirt tie or Cort so your shirt should betide or you Cort will be loose.

4 Wear Different Color

Wear mix color

Don’t wear always same one color if you wear so it makes your personality dull if so its not mater that is it new or old it will show you look bad .so you should wear different color gives you a different look

5 Expensive  clothes do not give you a good look

Expensive cloths

Expensive and good dresses do not give you a good look, how you are wearing that its important wear always those clothes which suit you.

Do Not wear more Accessary

Don’t wear more accessary it looks so bad you can wear but on a special occasion but don’t wear one accessories on every occasion.

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