Burpee Exercise For Leg: Burpee is a full-body workout that is used to increase strength. The Burpee exercise is added in strength training and aerobic exercise. There are some 4 basic movements in this exercise. You can just add in your warmup process. If you actually want to do your warmup process in a very short time you can do this Burpee workout.

How to do Burpee Exercise For Leg?

1) Firstly Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
2) Put your hands on the ground.
3) Kick your feet backward.
4) Do a Quick push-up and then jump up.
5) Repeat in multiple times

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Burpee Exercise For Leg

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Make sure to make it slow and controlled, No elephant action. So, Don't stomp. So, When absorbing that through the heels, the toes all the way through the quads. While doing this exercise your triceps are also activated. Here you must be in a squad position then get in sumo squat position and then you go in a Push-up position.

Next, you just get back and jump. While performing this exercise make sure to feel the burn in your tricep, Core, Chest, Calves, and shoulder muscles. This exercise also Hits the Thigh and Balls of feet. After jumping every time, while starting make sure to be in the sumo squat position.

So now you have the technique down and remeber technique going to precedence over anything else. We don't want to hurt ourselves. it's not worth. It just puch them out. Give it a shot yourself and see how you are performing.

Origin: The Burpee exercise was named in 1930. It was founded by American physiologist Royal H. The researcher of the Burpee exercise earned the Ph.D. in applied physiology. This is a quick and simple way to assess fitness. When the United States Armed Services started doing this exercise, This exercise became the most popular in the world. The Burpee exercise actually means to a quick measure of agility, strength, and the coordination.

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