5 Best and Easy Way to Design Your Eyes

5 Tips

5 Best and Easy Way to Design Your Eyes: At the party when you want to go then do not understand how to put makeup on the eyes Now you don’t need to bother
We have brought. five such tips for your eyes that would make your eyes look beautiful and  attractive so let’s see

1.Best tip for Applying Pencil Liner

Pencil liner

Melt the pencil liner so that your eyelids do not touch your eyebrows. Let the pencil liner light the candle or lighter, tip the tip of the liner for a while (look at the hand before applying the eyes), then apply it on your eyes

By doing this your eyelids will not stick and it will be perfect for your eyes.

2. Use white liner to give your eyes a pop shadow

Pop Eye Shadow

Take the white liner, then make it as thick or thin as the first line on your eyes. Then give a similar line at the corner of the eyes, after raising it a little higher, then fill in the middle which is empty and your eyes will come in a pop shadow.

3. Cat Eye

Cat Eye

To give a cat eye shadow, first use a thin brush to shape it like a cat’s eyes.

Step: 1 First line the eyes with a thin brush like a shave, give a cat, then line up the eyelid and then stop at the corner of the eyes, make the line slightly up from the same corner.

Step 2: Now you have to make a line on top of the line that you have put, but before that you should decide how thick you have to be, then take it from the middle of the eyelid to the last line accordingly.

Step 3: Now both lines have been formed and the shape of cat eye has been formed, now fill the gap between the lines.

Your cat eye will look good and you should not apply it according to your eyes, your eyes will look nice and attractive.

3. Use a spoon to make cat eye

Spoon Make Cat Eye

You can use the spoon as a stencil

Step: 1 First you take a spoon and put the spoon stem on top, then hold it on the corner of your eyes and take a line from the side liner above the corner.

Step: 2 Then after drawing the line, you hold the spoon from the depth and place the line that you had drawn earlier and place it in such a way that the leone you drew should match it so that it gets the shape of the cat eye.

Step: 3 Then fill the space (which is the empty space) between the two lines correctly so that the shape of the cat eye is not changed.

Here You will find 5 Best and Easy Way to Design Your Eyes

4. Brush with the help of a spoon

5 Best and Easy Way to Design Your Eyes

When you rub your eyes, it will also be applied on your eyes, so you can apply the spoon by doing it correctly.

First you take a spoon and then place the spoon on the back of your eyelid, keep the rotating part of the spoon upwards so that it is easy then take the brush of the sprinkler and apply it on the hair of your eyelid (keep the spoon behind the eyelid)

5. Easy Way to Apply Eye Shadow


  1. 1. First apply concealer to your eyes (if there is no eye Base, do it with the concealer) and cover your eyes completely.
    2. Take a brush and take a light eye powder or compact it and apply a tab to the entire eye and under the eyes with a brush so that the chip does not hide on the eyes.
    3. Take an eye shadow and take a light color and apply it only on the area above the eyes and now take a little dark color and brush it a little and apply it on the corner of the eye and blend it and keep it slightly outside.
    Then apply diagonal (obliquely) to the eyes with your finger or brush and blind (place the color you want to apply). Now take the dark color to give more depth where you had diagonally applied it and the same blind May the  out side should be much more
    Now take pink shade and apply it to the rounding part of the eye where there is a blank space and then blind the whole place
    Take a light shade and apply shamiris to brown bourne, then take a pencil brush and place it in the inner corner. After applying the liner, if you want the bottom side of the eyes
    You can also apply kajal or liner on it.


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